ITI Russian National Centre

ITI National Centre in our county was established in 1959. Presidents ITI Russian National Centre were at different times People’s Artists of the USSR, such us Mikhail Tsariov and Mikhail Ulyanov. From 2007 Yuriy Solomin, People’s Artist of the USSR and Maly Theatre art director has been ITI President in Russia.

For many years, starting in Soviet times, a famous translator and theatre critic, RF Merited Worker Valery Khasanov served as a General Secretary of ITI Russian Centre. In memory of V.Khasanov who died in 2011 there is his personal web page created on our website.

Address: 6k1, Sheremetevsky str., Мoscow, Russia, 129594

Telephone: 7 (499) 978 2970

Telephone/Fax: 7 (495) 600 3412


ITI Russian Centre today is a non-commercial partnership, which consists of a number of famous theatres, theatre organizations, companies and individuals, and exists by means of membership dues. Russian National Centre of ITI is interested in expanding its cultural and business connections in Russia, CIS countries and all over the world. Therefore, in 2010 the new review project was launched aiming to built close professional contacts nationally and internationally, and our bilingual website was started in 2011. ITI-info” review is being published twice a month in both Russian and English, distributed through 73 countries of the world and sold by subscription and retail.

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