Bakhrushin Theatre Museum Celebrates an Anniversary


This season State Central Theatre Museum named after A.A. Bakhrushin celebrates its 120th anniversary. Most likely it would have never come into the world, if in 1890 two merchants – art lovers didn’t bet who would collect more theatre antiques within a year. Alexey Bakhrushin won and on October 29, 1891 his collection was exposed-to-view for Moscow theatre public. The collector has been running his museum, also after the revolution and up to his death in 1929. Now Bakhrushin is the main theatre museum of the country. Almost 1.5 million exhibits are stored in the reserves of the Museum and besides its main building there are eleven more branches. The museum started its anniversary celebrations on October 29 with the Open Day and introduced visitors to a renewed permanent exhibition “Russian Theatre of ХVIII century”. Starting on October 30, visitors can see the following exhibitions: “Shooting Shakespeare: 150 Years of Stage Photography” and “The Half: Actors Through Simon Annand’s Lens". Back

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