"Boris Godunov" – a Trend of the Season


"What is good for a Russian, is death for a German," says the proverb. And yet both a Russian and a German decided to stage "Boris Godunov" – the 2014/2015 season in Moscow will see two interpretations at once of Pushkin's drama. Peter Stein is beginning work on his production at the Et Cetera theatre, and the part of Boris Godunov has been offered to Alexander Kalyagin (the premiere is set for January 16). By Mr. Stein's own admission, he always longed to return to Russia.

"Boris Godunov" in Konstantin Bogomolov's production will be released in September – the director is having his debut at the Lenkom theatre. The title role will be played by Aleksandr Zbruyev, Marina Mniszech will be portrayed by Maria Mironova, and Grishka Otrepyev – by Igor Mirkurbanov (until recently one of the leading actors of Israel's Gesher theatre), whom Bogomolov used in virtually all of his latest productions.


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