Voronezh Has Its Own “Big Break” Now


The Children’s International Festival “Big Break”, that takes place during autumn school break, has expanded the area of its presence; in addition to Moscow, plays were also performed in Voronezh (last year’s experimental projects “Educational Programme” and “Cool-School Drama” were tested). Young Voronezh theatre aficionados got to see Hansel and Gretel (Switzerland), Where does the Wind Live? (Novgorod, Russia), With One’s Own Hands (Spain), Tales Come to Live by Night (Slovenia), Sleeping Beauty (St. Petersburg, Russia), An Amazing Journey of Edward, the Rabbit, The Frog Princess, Agatha is Coming Home, Copes in a Blaze (Moscow, Russia). Veniamin Smekhov, accompanied by the Voronezh philharmonic orchestra, opened the Festival with A Forgetful Man poem. Back

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