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Speech for Yuri Lyubimov

Dear Katalin Lyubimova,

dear colleagues and friends,

ladies and gentlemen

As you may have noticed, the attitudes of appreciation, respect, gratitude and acknowledgement are not very popular these days. But it is evident that people need to feel such an attitude when something is done well. 

Not to fall in this trap of ungratefullness that life offers us, I would like to express my gratitude to Katalin Lyubimova and the Lyubimov Foundation for having invited me to this event. And I also would like to express my appreciation to Anatoli Vassiliev and Natalia Isaeva for having connected me to the world of Yuri Lyubimov and to Katalin Lyubimova. 

Acknowledgement and gratitude is also the key element that we had in mind when we decided to create the new Yuri Lyubimov International Theatre Award. We, that is Lyubimov Foundation and the International Theatre Institute ITI, the world´s largest organisation for the performing arts, that is based at UNESCO and that I represent here. 

With this award, we intend to express our gratitude to the genius Yuri Lyubimov, acknowledge his achievements on stage, his courage that we find in his work, his dedication to the theatrical arts, his continuous search for excellence and innovation. He is a shining example of competence that has enriched the theatre of his time and forever. He motivated the theatre professionals and inspired the audience with his brilliant work, with his vision for the theatrical arts in all its aspects. 

With this award, we would like to acknowledge every year one outstanding theatre personality who is showing courage, innovation and excellence in his or her work. We would like express gratitude for someone who creates exemplary work. 

With this award, we intend to keep the “spirit” of Yuri Lubyimov alive. 

Today we only announce the Yuri Lyubimov International Theatre Award. The first award will be given to an outstanding theatre personality next year at the end of September here in Moscow. 

The theatre world and the audience need inspiring masterpieces as you, dear Yuri Lubyimov, have created. Please consider this award that bears your name as birthday present of those who initiated it. With it we will continue to respect and appreciated what you have given to the world. 

This is your 100th birthday celebration. 

Once more, thank you very much Sir, for what you have given to theatre. 

Tobias Biancone

Poet, writer

Director General of the International Theatre Institute ITI

Publication date

02 October 2017

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